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2012 PALIMPSEST / The Karkonoskie Museum  / Jelenia Gora, Poland //Creative matter for artists associated with the  SILESIUM art project cultural heritage of the region of Lower Silesia, which sometimes becomes blurred far a mystery and phenomenon. Presentation of the next issue Silesium art project, which is hidden under the term palimpsest is an attempt to decipher the places and their secrets. This is not a direct action, but rather is preceded by a series of studies of various kinds, and direct experience. As a result, the entire exhibition is a form of transposition of the palimpsest of semanticissues - taking the broad understanding of this term - in the properties and phenomena existing in the area of Lower Silesia. They appear in a worn or emerging forms of movement, layers of meaning and ideological - a timeless universal characteristic curve of a variable space of historical events. Presented objects refer to dialogue with each other by typing in "common" space. Formal language of abstraction is presented brace spanning the entire currentexhibition at the Museum of the   Karkonosze take part in it artists. curator: Anna Kowalska-Szewczyk, Urszula Ślizwith artists: Maciek Albrzykowski, Grazyna Jaskierska-Albrzykowska, Małgorzata Kazimierczak, Anna Kowalska-Szewczyk, Kamil Moskowczenko, Igor Wójcik photo: M.Kazimierczak, sculptur M.Albrzykowski, painting U.Sliz More...

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Topos - metaphor of the curve

2012 TOPOS. METAFORA KRZYWEJ / Entropia Gallery / Wrocław, Poland //http://www.entropia.art.pl/view_news.php?id=177&arc=1&year=2012 [...] Topos - a recurring theme , an  image. Repeated, but never the same ... In search of identity - who am I, of where am I going, of where I come from. -  I transpose it - as a kind of formal writing - to describe myself through a form, my own signature. This form is transformed in many ways, in many contexts of meaning, mental and formal.It is not my intention to consolidate the image outside the space around me, nor to imitate reality or to reflect longer on the theme, my interest is not correspondent  with the act of painting, referring to the act of creation as a spontaneous form. I'm not a painter of a subject matter, I choose a DESCRIPTION contained in the formula of a curve .         More...

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Rituals of Recreation

2011 Rituals of Recreation / The Photographic Angle / London, Leeds, Slough, Milton Keynes, Swondon, Crawley UK //I found this place in winter, was an early night, a seaside resort in winter dormancy, empty space-gate to nowhere, an abandoned amusement park frozen equipment and machines for gambling attractants player, always ready for interaction, but now dormant if only for the addicts ... dense atmosphere of emotion left here after season.   http://issuu.com/miloriley/docs/ror.themebook2 More...

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The Emblem

2009 Emblemat  / The Hub, Newmu, Norwich, UK //Emblem of self-creation through the transformation of one character which constructs a geometric shape described in the oval form of the floral. Layering, through smooth transitions between the meanings, traditional and contemporary emblems of technology, concepts, perceptions of the eye and modern intellectual tools of everyday life, become the new emblems. More...

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The Dichotomy

2008 The Dichotomy / 2 piętro Gallery / Wrocław / Poland //from Gr. dichotomos = cut into two parts - the dichotomy; divided into two parts, mutually exclusive and complementary to the whole. The view from the window becomes a symbol of division between different  worlds, their differences and interpenetration, always looks to another party. Being “one” of them is always the other it seems to be moreinteresting, it is an unknowable space, however both in exist in symbiosis. The sign is to define these relationships and their own observations.   http://pik.wroclaw.pl/Galeria-2-pitro-TMW-m138.html More...

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2007 Identity / Galeria Otto Nagel, Berlin // There are very many ways of determining one’s identity. In fact, the issue of one’s identity is among those most often probed by artists, or those creative types who cherish every opportunity to probe issues and pose questions. Such people feel the need to address the relation between the world around us and the inner world of experiences and feeling.   http://identity.nike2001.de/ More...

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