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We invite you to view the works by artists exhibiting at the first Sliesium project exhibition.

Sliesium is a multimedia art project aimed at introducing the culturally diverse art of Lower Silesia to a wider audience.
The project aims to provide an insight into the current social condition of the artist’s environment, its history and culture. Focusing on the artists of Lower Silesia we offer a broad spectrum of complex quantities and themes.
From the landscapes through history, community and local culture to the changing environmental landscape.
The destruction of industry and the environment and after their revitalization.

Artists' statements relate to the external environment, to historical events, to cultural ideology, resulting in works
by artists with great depth and diversity.

The world is now seen as fragmented and inconsistent, with no continuity, with the endless streams of information only strengthening the sense of disorientation. In is this atmosphere the intensity of the image and contemplation of abstract ideas leads the viewer, and the viewer to finds their own way of interpreting and interacting with the objects of art.

The past generates an unexpected connection with the present, and takes on a new meaning and relevance.
The Sliesium project adds great value to the social issues and raises the need to identify and establish their own position in relation to extraterritorial cultural. It shows the unpredictability of individual viewer’s perception, temporality,
and the volatility of contemporary expression.

pictures U.Śliz, sculpture Maciek Albrzykowski


Pictures from left side by Igor Wójcik


pictures from right side by Anna Kowalska - Szewczyk 



"If you create something that at once can be called in the language of art historians, it means that your work is worth nothing." - said Raimund Stecker

typos - metaphor of the curve


you can read some about idea in file- art project


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Outpost Gallery

Point of Address:

 Members' Show 2010

 Selected by Peter Suchin

 Jo Addison / Jonny Aldous / Neil Baker / Desmond Brett / Cristy Cole / KIMI CONRAD / Karen Cunningham / Stephen Cross / Jenny Dunseath / James Epps/ Anthony Green / Andrew Hornett / Hannah James / Norman Kaghma / Pavlo Kerestey / James Metsoja / Joseph Murray / Max Mosscrop / Sophie Michael / Matthew Noel-Tod / Jonathan O'Dwyer / Urszula Sliz / Andrew Stephenson / Tim Steer / Robin Webb

Outpost 10b Wensum Street, Norwich

Private View: 1st Dec 6 - 9pm 2nd - 21st Dec 2010

dobra wiadomosc


"...I am pleased to inform you that your painting ' Black and color ' has been selected
by Peter Suchin for take a part in show …"


Suchin is a freelance contemporary art critic, lecturer, has published over 180 articles, reviews and other writings in a wide-range of journals and books and is a regular contributor to Art Monthly, Frieze, Untitled and Mute

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